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Pick and Tuck Eventing


Alexis gave me my confidence back. I rode for 10 years as a child, but have not ridden much in the last 7 years. One of her biggest strengths as an instructor is that she puts the power and responsibility in the hands of the rider which empowered me to really decide what I needed to work on, and also to realize and reflect on what I have learned thus far and where I should go in future lessons. She seems to almost be reading my mind- when I realize something in my form is incorrect, she notices it one second before I do- which helps me to be more aware of even the smallest changes in position or posture. I have come so far in my confidence as a rider, as well as my skills on horseback- and I have only had the opportunity to rise with her for 3 months. She will be missed dearly on this island. She is such a skilled instructor with a keen eye and the ability to teach people with any skill level.

Caitlin Mull

Confidence Built

Every time I ride my goal is to get better and learn something new. With Ms. Alexis this and more was possible. She was so wonderful at instructing and encouraging me to become more confident and better on horses. Every lesson was a fun adventure and I was always looking forward to the next one. Even when I messed up she always helped me and kept a cheery attitude through it all. She was and will always be one of the best instructors I have ever had


Ms. Alexis is a wonderful instructor. She taught me to ride more than just hunter as I'd been previously taught. Every aspect of my riding improved, especially my seat while cantering. Thank you so much Ms. Alexis! YOU ARE MISSED DEEPLY!!!


Alexis is one of the best riding instructors I have ever worked with (and being a military spouse who moves around a lot I have worked with many). One of the things I love the best about Alexis is she is a "thinking" rider/instructor. She is super analytical and she is always challenging me to think not only about what I am doing but why I am doing it. She has brought a whole new level of understanding to my riding. If I had the opportunity I would absolutely ride with Alexis again. She is firm but fun and a highly motivating trainer. I can't say enough great things about her!

Amanda G. Sharritt

Since my first lesson with Mrs. Alexis at Mihara riding stable, I could tell she was among the most knowledgeable and friendly instructors I'd ever had! She always challenged us and encouraged us to meet our problems head on. Already, she has taught me a lot about riding and jumping, for example when to start two point and how to steer more effectively. Because I came from a Hunter barn, Mrs. Alexis helped and continues to help me correct my forward positioning and sit back in the saddle. She is also teaching me how to perform a smooth transition into the canter. She is so willing to help me handle the horses and make me feel comfortable and confident. I am so glad that I got to have Mrs. Alexis as my riding instructor, even if I only rode with her briefly, the lessons I learned from her will remain with me always!


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